Transform Your Business with TeamWork: A Must-Read Book for CEOs and Team Leaders 
– Limited Time Offer!

Transform Your Business with TeamWork: A Must-Read Book for CEOs and Team Leaders – Limited Time Offer!

"Lead Your Team to Extraordinary Success: Learn the Proven Strategies of TeamWork – Get Your FREE Book Today!"

Click the button below to grab your FREE copy of the brand-new TeamWork Book NOW!


Click the button below to grab your FREE copy of the brand-new TeamWork Book NOW!


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Hardcover Copy of Nine Figure Mindset by Brandon Dawson (Just $10 Today)

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What CEOs Are Saying About The Amazon Best Seller 'TeamWork?'
"If you have ever wished your people were more engaged, motivated, and aligned with your goals, get a copy of TeamWork today. Then use it like a bible study course, it's that powerful!" - Grant Cardone
"The culture of your organization is created either by design or default. In TeamWork, Natalie shares how to create a culture by design...." - Sharon Lechter
"TeamWork takes the guesswork out of building a great team....." - Jim Treliving


Here's What We Learned After INTERVIEWING, HIRING, And FIRING Over 1,000 Employees In The Past 10 YEARS...

From: Natalie Dawson
President, Cardone Ventures

My name is Natalie and I've helped THOUSANDS of business owners dramatically 10X their revenue by implementing the strong frameworks that allow you to attract, align and develop top talent into your business.
If you're looking to scale your business and truly 10X this year, these TeamWork secrets will help you FIND the best talent in your industry and DEVELOP your team into a revenue generating cash machine!

Business owners in every industry need TeamWork:

  • Local Small Business
  • ​E-Commerce 
  • ​HVAC & Construction
  • ​Dentist
  • ​Health Care
  • ​Financial Services
  • Education
  • ​Sales & Marketing
  • ​Transport
  • ​Consulting
  • IT & Software
  • Insurance
  • ​Non-Profit
  • ​Manufacturing
  • ​Chiropractors
  • ​Real Estate
  • Legal Services
  • ​Advertising
  • ​Agriculture
  • ​Energy
If your business is generating anywhere from $100K to $125M you need TeamWork.
Click the button below to grab your FREE copy of the brand-new TeamWork Book NOW!
Inside Of This NEW Best Selling Book... Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover For FREE!
In TeamWork, I share 18 secrets to building a 10X Team!

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover inside of your free copy of my new book: 
Section #1: Alignment
  • Secret #1:  Identify one of the THREE reasons why your team is STUCK, and discover the secret you need to develop top performers!
  • ​Secret #2:  Learn the ONE sentence mission statement that will contribute more to your company's growth than anything else
  • Secret #3:  The THREE Vision statements that you MUST create if you want your people to move the business...
  • ​Secret #4:  The SECRET to building a high-performing culture by leveraging tech giants like Facebook and Google...
  • Secret #5:  How to get everyone who comes in contact with your business to know exactly exactlywhat your company is about... 
  • Secret #6:  Learn the little-known method, that WE weuse, to hire top performers that drive massive growth and profitability...
  • Secret #7:  Use my secret tool (that I learned after years of hiring 1000's of team members) to weed out the bottlenecks, and find the right 10X employee so you can spend less time wondering if someone is “right” and more time scaling the business...
Section #2: Development
  • Secret #8:  You’ve officially hired a new team member who is aligned with your mission, vision, and core values. Now what? How do you DEVELOP them into top performers?!
  • ​Secret #9:  Secrets on how to align your team—DAILY—so more time is spent focusing on KPIs and producing income.
  • Secret #10:  Learn the #1 Secret that will get ANY employee motivated and aligned with your company's goals, vision, and mission.  Attract the employees that WANT to come to work, in order to grow and bring more profit to the company. This is the most powerful tool that has the greatest impact
  • ​Secret #11:  Learn the one-on-one structure that we use, that helps create accountability for our leaders, so they can coach our team members to be accountable for the outcome of their role. 
  • Secret #12:  Want to learn how to keep your team feeling confident long-term, and not just for the moment? Use the QTM method to protect yourself from the risk of growing and THEN falling apart. 
  • Secret #13:  Discover why every person on your team should be HIGHLY INCENTIVIZED, and how to create the right financial growth opportunity for each team member. 
Section #3: Transition
  • Secret #16:  How to use your core values to build performance reviews that reward team members for the outcomes you’ve established. Employees will have the opportunity to work with their managers to create a plan that will help them grow within the company, and ultimately, help the business prosper!
  • ​Secret #17:  How to use the VCE method to relieve the stress, friction, and resistance of having difficult conversations.
  • Secret #18:  The framework we use to push negative and unproductive employees out of our environment so that they do not influence the rest of the team and affect everyone else’s growth. 
Claim Your FREE Book Now and
Get These FREE Bonuses!
Bonus #1 - TeamWork Foundations
"How To Build a high-performance team To scale your business!"
Total Value: $997.00
Bonus #1 - TeamWork Foundation
When you get a copy of my new TeamWork book, I’m also going to give you some bonus training material that you can start watching RIGHT NOW, while you wait for the book to arrive!

The first bonus is a presentation I did at our 10X360 event, where business owners who are making over $1M invest $40,000 to learn these secrets.

Get TeamWork Foundations For FREE With Your FREE Copy Of TeamWork!
Get TeamWork Foundations For FREE 
With Your FREE Copy Of TeamWork !
Bonus #2 - The FrameWorks
"Learn how to apply the principles of TeamWork Using the resource guide!"
Total Value: $297.00
Bonus #2 - TeamWork Workbook
After you read the TeamWork book, the first question most people have is, “How can I get the same templates you use in your business?!?” The answer is... The TeamWork Workbook!

This workbook will get you moving forward quickly. It will give you a roadmap to follow, so that it gets you from where you are today, to where you want to be!

Get The FrameWorks For FREE 
With Your FREE Copy Of TeamWork !
Get The FrameWorks For FREE With Your FREE Copy Of TeamWork!
Bonus #3 - The Ultimate People Hack
"How to motivate your team members and get them to care about your business!"
Total Value: $497.00
Bonus #3 - The Ultimate People Hack
The next bonus is a segment from the People Essentials Workshop, and usually, it's only available if you attend the two-day event priced at $4,997 per ticket.

Here, I break down the simple science of getting your team members aligned with your goals!

Get The Ultimate People Hack For FREE With Your FREE Copy Of TeamWork !
Bonus #4 - Nine Figure Mindset Digital Copy 
"Crack The Code To Nine Figures - The Ultimate Guidebook For Business Owners To Scale"
Total Value: $26.00
Bonus #3 - The Ultimate People Hack
Tap into Brandon Dawson's wealth of knowledge on how to grow a Nine Figure net worth and beyond. This book will equip you with the mindset, strategies, and inspiration needed to achieve extraordinary levels of success and wealth, in both your business and personal journeys.

Get Nine Figure Mindset Digital Copy For FREE With Your FREE Copy Of TeamWork !
Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Order The 'TeamWork'  Book Today!
  • 1 Copy Of TeamWork $26.99
  • TeamWork Foundations $997
  • TeamWork FrameWorks $297
  • ​The Ultimate People Hack $497
  • ​Nine Figure Mindset                                                    $26

TOTAL VALUE: $1,843.99

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